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Neck pain (cervical spine pain) can have a significant interference in your day to day activities. Cervical spine is a complex structure which supports your head (approx the weight of a bowling ball), houses the spinal cord and provides protection to blood vessels and nerves while allowing you to look behind your back. It plays an important role in efficient breathing pattern and supports proprioception/stability of your body. ​​

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Do you have these symptoms?

- Do you experience pain and difficulty working on your computer?
- Do you have pain in the head, neck, shoulders or arms with neck movements?
- Do you have stiffness or tightness in the muscles around the neck?
- Do you feel pain or difficulty lifting objects around your home, children or at the gym?
- Do you feel numbness or tingling in your arms, forearms and hands?
- Do you feel tired because of the neck pain?
- Does your neck pain and tightness interrupt your sleep?
- Do you have weakness in your arms and hands?
- Are you noting headaches and dizziness along with the neck pain?
- Are you having difficulty chewing or opening your jaw?
- Are you healing from a recent neck or shoulder surgery?

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Some Common Causes of Neck Pain

- Sitting and working on the computer for long periods of time - Postural Syndrome (Improper posture) - Disc bulge/ herniation - Spinal Stenosis/Spondylosis/ Spondylolisthesis - Degenerative Disc Disease/ Arthritis of the neck - Whiplash injuries - Concussion - Neck Muscle strain - Neck ligament sprain - Improper sleeping positions - Sports Injuries - Brachial plexus Disorders - Scoliosis - Post Surgical

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Here at Physis PT and rehabilitation we will evaluate the causes of your pain and dysfunction, develop an individually tailored treatment plan and provide one-on-one treatment to get you to pain free life.

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