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One of the most used joint during daily function, it is used 1500-2000 times daily. This joint is in action when you chew, swallow and most importantly speak. It is connected to the neck (cervical spine) via the skull. Dysfunction at this joint causes changes at the craniofascialmandibular complex, i.e. head, neck and jaw as a whole ​​

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Common Symptoms you may experience

- Are you suffering from pain or clicking when chewing or speaking?
- Are you noting locking of the jaw when opening or closing your mouth?
- Do you feel Stiffness and tightness around your neck and/or jaw?
- Do you notice deviation of the mouth when you yawn?
- Do you experience headache, ringing in your ears and/or dizziness?
- Do you experience swelling in/around your jaw?
- Do you have difficulty swallowing?

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Some of the common Causes of jaw dysfunction can be

- Microtrauma from clenching and bruxing
- Osteoarthritis
- Stress or anxiety which leads to excessive clenching of the jaw
- Postural Dysfunction( Forward head posture)
- Arthritis of the neck
- Straining your jaw by taking a big bite or biting something hard
- Dental surgeries/ dysfunction
- TMJ disc displacement
- Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome (EDS)
- Jaw subluxation or dislocation
- Ankylosis
- Myofascial pain disorder
- Myositis
- Bruxism
- Meniere’s disease
- Herpes Zoster

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Here at Physis PT and rehabilitation we will evaluate the causes of your pain and dysfunction, develop an individually tailored treatment plan and provide one-on-one treatment to get you to pain free life.

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