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Shoulder is a complex structure, allowing almost 360 degrees of movement while stabilizing your arm for any activity, from making your coffee in the morning to pitching at over 100 mph. This is achieved with the combined activity of multiple ligaments and muscles working together like a well oiled machine. It’s strength is also its weakness, because the excess motion it provides, also makes it susceptible to injuries. Structurally, shoulder is connected to the scapula (shoulder blade) through the acromioclavicular joint and rib cage through the sternoclavicular joint and scapulothoracic articulation.​​

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Common Symptoms you may experience

- Do you have sharp and/or catching pain when you try to move your shoulder?
- Have you noted a loss in active movement at the shoulder?
- Do you stiffness and tightness in your neck, shoulder or shoulder blade?
- Do you have pain in your neck, arms, armpits or hands?
- Are you noticing numbness and/or tingling into your arms, hands or armpits?
- Are you noticing clicking in your shoulder?
- Are you noting weakness in your arms?
- Have you dislocated your shoulder or are noting pain when holding items in your hand?
- Do you have difficulty sleeping on your shoulders?

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Some of the common cause of Shoulder pain can be

- Hypermobility/Scapular Instability
- Sport injuries
- Rotator cuff weakness
- Rotator cuff tendinitis or tear
- Bicipital Tendinitis
- Repetitive stress syndrome
- Postural syndrome
- Dislocation/Subluxation
- Fracture
- Impingement syndrome
- Subacromial Bursitis
- Adhesive Capsulitis/Frozen Shoulder
- AC (Acromioclavicular Joint ) dysfunction
- Scapular Winging
- Labrum tear
- Thoracic outlet syndrome
- Brachial Plexus Injuries
- Post Surgical
- Improper Heavy Lifting techniques

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Here at Physis PT and rehabilitation we will evaluate the causes of your pain and dysfunction, develop an individually tailored treatment plan and provide one-on-one treatment to get you to pain free life.

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